Big choice of spring offers from Sykes Cottages – if you can find them!

April 18, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Special Offers

Sykes Cottages are promoting their Spring Sale with claims that there is up to 25% off. Tracking down the best deals is not that easy however. The Spring Sale covers an enticingly wide spread of dates, from now until holidays starting on the 29th June. Unfortunately for families with school age children the offer excludes the Spring Half Term (week commencing Saturday 25th May). Short breaks are also excluded as the reductions only apply to seven-night holidays.

This all seems reasonable as cottage agencies look to generate bookings for owners in the quieter periods with a wide-ranging offer rather than tactical promotions on targeted cottages.

However I became increasingly frustrated as I tried to find the best deals – the use of the term ‘up to’ being the commonly used bait to attract potential bookers.

The page on their site promoting the offers invites you to click through to different regions of the UK but then shows you a selection of their properties in this area, but not all with a discount.

I then clicked through on their special offers tab at the top of the homepage and on first impression there seemed to be a wide selection of cottages on offer, with on average over 400 cottages listed as being available each week during the offer period.

However when I selected a region and specific date I was disappointed to find that less than half the cottages were on offer for that date, even if the property had the Special Offer logo showing. Those with offers varied from 9% off to one with 22% off.

I gave up, disappointed that my aim of trying to inform readers of the best offers would have taken many hours of my time researching.

I fear that the hopes that Sykes Cottages have for this promotion to generate sales may disappoint as those genuinely looking for an offer give up in frustration. It is probably due to the functionality of the website, in other words how the site works, but that should not necessarily prevent Sykes finding a solution.

It’s a shame that the Sykes Cottages site cannot display their offers in a simpler way. Take Hoseasons, for example. Once you find their special offers (this first stage is the most challenging), you can search by region, date and a whole host of other criteria. Once your options are returned you can then search by the discounted amount as a percentage of the original price or as actual amount. Much easier, and I’m sure much more successful for all concerned – a bargain for the holidaymaker, a booking for the owner and revenue for the letting agent.